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Order information for :
“Where Elephants Go to Die”

United States :
Hunters Trax Signed Edition:
US$ 40 plus $ 4 S&H
Signed Leather Edition:
US$ 80 plus $ 5 S&H

Make checks payable to:
Rege Podraza
RD # 2 Box 626
Ruffsdale PA 15679
Ph. 724-446-9433
Fx. 724-446-0831

South Africa
Amanita Safaris

Signed Edition: R395 Post Pd.
Signed Leather Edition: R695 Post Pd.
PO Box 1163
Thabazimbi 0380
Ph. 014 779 0794




Sample Poems

Better than Words

He reached in his pocket
And pulled out a poke
A crumpled bag of Boxer
To roll a smoke

 With a strip of paper
From an old magazine
Torn from the bottom
Of a picture of the Queen

 He rolled a cigarette
Long and thin
Lit it up…
And drew it in

 He held it there
For a moment or two
Savoring the taste
As smokers do

 Then slowly let it out
Blue smoke curling
From his mouth

 Closing his eyes
He rolled back his head
Pictures…taste better
Than words he said!


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