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“Where Elephants Go to Die”

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Rege Podraza
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Ruffsdale PA 15679
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South Africa
Amanita Safaris

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Signed Leather Edition: R695 Post Pd.
PO Box 1163
Thabazimbi 0380
Ph. 014 779 0794




Sample Poems

Hyena's Bite

A hyena's bite tore his face
Hideous scars, lasting disgrace

 It was always the same
Three or four skuds of Chibuku
And then the lion came
Out of nowhere
With a full black mane

 Into the shebeen
Right through the door
It leapt on old Pombe
And knocked him to the floor

 He screamed out in terror
His arms flailed the air
Spearing the lion
That wasn't really there

 Oh, don't worry
He's killed this lion before
At least once a week
He's snuffed out its roar

 The outcome of the battle
Oh, it's always the same
And the scars on his face?
Why, lion are to blame

 Through the years
He's forgotten the pain
And the drunken stupor
In which he'd lain
Until that day when he lies dying
That hyena's bite…..
Came from a lion!


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