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Order information for :
“Where Elephants Go to Die”

United States :
Hunters Trax Signed Edition:
US$ 40 plus $ 4 S&H
Signed Leather Edition:
US$ 80 plus $ 5 S&H

Make checks payable to:
Rege Podraza
RD # 2 Box 626
Ruffsdale PA 15679
Ph. 724-446-9433
Fx. 724-446-0831

South Africa
Amanita Safaris

Signed Edition: R395 Post Pd.
Signed Leather Edition: R695 Post Pd.
PO Box 1163
Thabazimbi 0380
Ph. 014 779 0794




Sample Poems

The Last

They said I was the last
To browse the plain
To breathe the dust
To feel the rain

 They said I was the last
To ride birds on my back
To roll in mud
To leave a track

 They said I was the last
To blindly charge whoever's near
To never waiver
To have no fear

 They said I was the last
To taste the bite of sharpened steel
To feel hot lead
To never heal

 They said I was the last
To have my horn cut from its core
To lay and rot
To be no more

 They said I was the last…


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