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“Where Elephants Go to Die”

United States :
Hunters Trax Signed Edition:
US$ 40 plus $ 4 S&H
Signed Leather Edition:
US$ 80 plus $ 5 S&H

Make checks payable to:
Rege Podraza
RD # 2 Box 626
Ruffsdale PA 15679
Ph. 724-446-9433
Fx. 724-446-0831

South Africa
Amanita Safaris

Signed Edition: R395 Post Pd.
Signed Leather Edition: R695 Post Pd.
PO Box 1163
Thabazimbi 0380
Ph. 014 779 0794




Sample Poems

The Old Warrior

We came upon the dead buff first
A spear had pierced its hide
And lying near a Leadwood tree
A warrior holding his side

 I could see he'd spent his life in the bush
He was scarred from head to toe
Around his waist hung a leopard skin
On his back some arrows and a bow

 He stared at me with far away eyes
He knew that he was done
I gave him a drink from my water bag
And carried him out of the sun

 Through blood-soaked lips he called his gods
And quietly said his good-byes
All I could do was mop his brow
And keep off the tsetse flies

 The pain must have been unbearable
He winced but never cried
And just before the sun went down
The old lion died

 I buried him under a giant fig
No stone marks his grave
But he lives on in all our hearts
     and brave


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