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“Where Elephants Go to Die”

United States :
Hunters Trax Signed Edition:
US$ 40 plus $ 4 S&H
Signed Leather Edition:
US$ 80 plus $ 5 S&H

Make checks payable to:
Rege Podraza
RD # 2 Box 626
Ruffsdale PA 15679
Ph. 724-446-9433
Fx. 724-446-0831

South Africa
Amanita Safaris

Signed Edition: R395 Post Pd.
Signed Leather Edition: R695 Post Pd.
PO Box 1163
Thabazimbi 0380
Ph. 014 779 0794




Sample Poems

Who's to Say

For some it's the thrill
Of a heart-stopping kill
Like a lion dead at your feet
Or the crashing sound
Of a bull going down
When hunter and hunted meet

 Or a rifle crack
And the comforting whack
Of a solid driven through bone
And that charging buff
That was tougher than tough
Stopped cold…dead as a stone

 Or that jittery wait
Over a warthog bait
For the tom that ate it all
And the nights you tried
Sitting hours in a hide
Hoping for him to call

 Or maybe that day
You heard a tracker say
“Bwana maningi brave”
And you felt inside
A swelling of pride
For the compliment he gave

 For some it`s the things
That an adventure brings
Like fame and a trophy room
For others the sight
Of the heavens at night
Or a Flame Lily`s brilliant bloom

 So who`s to say
At the end of the day
Who received the better part

 Trophies won with an elephant gun
Or those hunted with the heart


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